Introducing Arita porcelain to the US Market

Client|Arita Plus

Arita porcelain is one of Japan’s most coveted traditional crafts with more than 400 years of history. Our team worked with a collective of Arita porcelain artisans to introduce their professional tableware to restaurant businesses and food and beverage industry leaders in New York City. We coordinated ARITA PLUS’ collaboration with 29B Teahouse, a boutique tea tasting room in Lower Manhattan. The CEO of ARITA PLUS Terauchi-san flew in from Saga prefecture, Japan to join us at 29B Teahouse, where we hosted a launch event and organized a Q&A session with the general public. Our team handled translation while the fans engaged with Terauchi-san and were enthused to learn about the history and cultural significance behind Arita porcelain and its craftsmanship. As an official partner of ARITA PLUS, we are excited to explore the possibility of this traditional Japanese craftsmanship in the US. Please stay tuned for more exciting collaborations coming up this year.